10844091_1555844124650867_2028013964_nThis is my heavily filtered Instagram face. I’m wearing purple OCC liptar because I’m apparently going through a goth phase at the tender age of 28. I work in accounting, which is the most daunting profession for a person who fancies themselves creative.  My husband and I have been married six years, getting married after knowing each other less than 8 months. We have two cats who are real freaking cute, but they are mostly assholes. Nokomis poops next to the litter box when it’s not pristine. Her definition of pristine is pretty strict seeing as how we clean out the litter box twice a day. Columbia is a real beast with her nick name of “Bear Cat”. She’s huge, and has a really good swing. Andrew and I live in a cute downtown area in the disgusting state of Florida. Yes, you read that right. Disgusting. Beaches do nothing for me, and I’d much rather be on a trail wearing boots and a scarf every day.

I own more makeup than a transvestite, and have been binge shopping the Chanel counter lately. I’ve got a weird love for gnomes and manatees, and obviously anything cat related. If it wasn’t for the fact that my husband thinks smoking is absolutely disgusting, I would probably still be chain smoking Clove cigarettes while listening to Fall Out Boy. Please Note: This is the permanent damage of listening to Dashboard Confessional and all things incredibly depressing when in high school.

I’m known to lose my shit over a solid structured handbag, and can never finish the cup of coffee that is in front of me without reheating it multiple times. Mostly because I am easily distracted and forget that I’m even drinking something.

I am who I am, and I’m only starting to embrace it.


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